Doing What I Love Most Again


It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. I really have this habit of not being consistent with many things, but in the very end, I go back to them once again. I had abandoned nearly three personal blogs because I wanted to revamp my site and not let people see how inconsistent I am with my posts. But from what I’ve learned, I shouldn’t be ashamed of my mistakes and shortcomings. Hey, these things are what help me grow more and more, not only as a writer but as a person.


Twenty one months of silence will end. Sure, I may not blog that often but just like everyone, I’ve got to start somewhere, right? But I think that one big reason why I lose motivation could be because of lack of priority and discipline, or because I really find writing entries to be time consuming. But nevertheless, writing helps me say what I want to say and helps me ease out the “dramas” of life. It has, is, and will be my passion. I love writing, and so do many people. We just need to find out the right words to say and how to express ourselves. I am still a writer in progress but by God’s grace, I will be able to excel and might even regularly fill up this blog with numerous entries. And since I also don’t believe that you should have long blog posts as a requirement for people to read your work, I’ll just end it here.


Happy reading…again!



To share my life with random people through blogging scares me. The fact that people instantly judge others based on how they describe themselves, how they compose and organize their thoughts, and even based on the pictures that are posted. I’m insecure about myself and at times, I care about what people think.

To grow up wherein your parents are in support of every path you want to take is very overwhelming, and trust me, I have been through different paths for me to decide where should I go. I’ve tried sports (i.e. Taekwondo, Swimming), musical instruments (i.e. Flute, Piano, Guitar), learn different languages (i.e. French and Spanish) and even decided to pursue my talents in singing, dancing, and the like.

Oh no, I’m not really multi-talented, I just like venturing to new things. My problem is that whenever I get insecure, I tend to lose focus and often say to myself: “I think I’m not good at this, maybe I should quit.”

“I should blog, not for the sake of getting people to read my thoughts and opinions, but I should blog because I can and because I love to write.”

But recently, I realized that I should blog, not for the sake of getting people to read my thoughts and opinions, but I should blog because I can and because I love to write. Ever since I was in the third grade, I had been writing poetry. Who else in the third grade writes poetry? Only a handful in our school.

I will start my own “rebelution,” wherein I will not give in to low expectations but to write with passion and to live the impossible but fun life of a Christian.

Now, as I start off this new adventure, may my thoughts be in sync with my fingers as I write. And may my goal be to write and not just to gain readers.

To you, who is reading this, welcome to my “rebelution.”